PDF of "Triumph of the Lean Production System" is Finally Available


When I wrote the post "The Term "Lean Production" is 25 Years Old – Some Thoughts on the Original John Krafcik Article"back in September,I was frustrated that this groundbreaking article was NOT available for viewing or even purchase through MIT Sloan Management Review.

精益企业协会现在made the article available as a free PDF download on their site.

my thoughts on the article here.John Krafcik and Jim Womack have published their reflections on the 25th anniversary as a new essay inGemba Walks Expanded 2nd Edition,available now.I'm hoping LEI will make that essay available on lean.org.

In typical humble form,they look back at their own piece with reflection and a bit of self criticism (such as not fully understanding the broader Lean management system at the time).They end the essay with:


“所以,25 years on,we know that the "The Triumph of the Lean Production System" wasn't perfect.但我们相信,这是精益运动历史上的一个分水岭事件,它有助于为世界各地的管理者打开新思想的闸门。We continue to see its benefits today and we hope you enjoy reading the original article in light of what you have learned on your own lean journey."

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