Podcast #227 – Ruthie Davis & Steve Cook on "Do The Right Thing"

Ruthie Davis & Stephen Cook

Joining me for episode #227 areRuthie DavisandStephen Cook,talking about the book that they edited,Do the Right Thing: Real Life Stories of Leaders Facing Tough Choices.

While this episode isn't focused on Lean,per se,I think you'll enjoy the discussion and I highly recommend thebook,which highlights the role of ethics and integrity in leadership… hence "doing the right thing" and being a great leader who others chose to follow.

Don Davis

The book is inspired by the life and lessons ofDon Davis,who served as CEO of Stanley Works (now Stanley Black & Decker) from 1966 to 1988.After retiring as CEO,Don volunteered to teach a leadership seminar for the MIT Leaders for Global Operations program,which I was fortunate to take as a student there.

do the right thingRuthie is Don's daughter and Steve was a student of Don's at MIT,so they combined their efforts to publish a compilation of compelling stories from Don's students about real life leadership challenges that they faced and howDon's "leadership mantras"helped them in those times.

Stephen Cookis currently a co-founder and Executive Managing Director of the private equity firm,LFM Capital.Previously,he was a Principal with TVV Capital,following his role as COO of MFG.com,and 11 years of operations leadership roles at Dell.Prior to joining Dell,Steve served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, where he flew combat missions in support of Desert Shield.He is a fellow graduate of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations program,a year ahead of me,and we worked together at Dell at the turn of the century and have kept in touch since.Read his bio.

Ruthie Davis是一个企业家和设计师,the founder and CEO of the high-fashionRuthie Davis shoes.Her shoes are a "top choice of celebrities and fashion tastemakers including… Beyoncé,Lady Gaga,and Jennifer Lopez;Halle Berry,Sofia Vergara,Taraji P.Henson and Shailene Woodley… and Emma Roberts,Zendaya Coleman,and Rumer Willis." Ruthie was a recipient of Babson College's "Entrepreneur Hall of Fame" award in 2015.Read her full bio here.

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In the podcast,we discuss topics including:

  • An overview of Don's life,career,and approach to leadership (what he practiced at work,taught in the classroom,and taught at home)
  • Which of Don's mantras are most timeless or most relevant to Ruthie and Steve today?
  • What are Steve's recollections of  Don's leadership the lessons he learned there?
  • Why "leadership is stewardship" and "self-ship is the enemy of leadership"
  • How the leadershipmantrasare all integrated as a system
  • Why it's important to take time to make important decisions and that doing the right (correct) thing is better than doing the fast thing
  • How "leadership does not take a size or a shape or a form"

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Video and Audio of Don Davis:

A video made by MIT students about Don's leadership mantras that includes video of Don in the classroom.

Here is an excerpt of him talking about a few of his mantras:

Hearing Don talk about not dipping into your "bucket of power" very often,这种力量是一个有限的资源,reminds me of the Toyota expression,"Lead as if you have no power."

Great leadership is great leadership.

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