哀悼和记住我的时间与Kaizen Mentor和老师,Norman Bodek




这是通过诺曼公司的电子邮件宣布,PCS Press,我以前看到它在LinkedIn上的几个人宣布。


Dear Friends,

由于悲伤,我们想通知您Norman Bodek,“精益的教父”在日本昨晚由于心力衰竭而在日本传递了。

诺曼·德克(Norman Bodek)作为“精益的教父”,在工业周和美国制造业的名人堂,发表于250多家管理书籍,在波特兰州立大学授课,并在犹他州大学创造了Shingo奖。他最近写了“领导者的社会责任指南”,本周发表了本周CEO Coaching由Kazuyoshi Hisano。

Norman was kind and sharing all his life and until his last breath. He was working on a manual for leaders for transforming their organisations using the principles of social responsibility. He was excited about giving a mini-workshop next week for business leaders on this topic.”


W. Edwards Deming着名,直到他在90岁和Norman的传递,随后坐在他的脚步上。关于诺曼的一个故事说,他谈到了他周围的德宁博士写了一本诺曼会发表的书。博士博士据称嘲笑写一本书的想法,然后后来这样做:-)

Norman had a gift for working with (and publishing the books) of Lean legends like Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo. He later introduced another Japanese consultant Takashi Harada to many people around the world.



我与诺曼有类似的谈话。他被震惊了这number of people who are killed by medical errors around the world他想与高管合作,弄清楚如何为医疗保健专业人员创造更好的条件以及对患者的更好的结果。他肯定地对这个问题深入关心。

我想表达我最深切的哀悼诺曼的s wife, family, friends, and colleagues around the world. It's a loss that I will mourn…

Some of My Experiences With Norman

I was racking my brain earlier trying to remember how I met or got introduced to Norm. Digging through email history, I think he reached out to me in 2005 because I had mentioned one of his books on my blog in the very early day of it that year. He offered to send me a copy, which was very nice of him.

2005年11月,常规看到我发表了电子邮件/文本采访Jim Womack和常规说,“考虑与我做一个系列。”我做到了:

常态后来有一个好主意 - 他建议我们记录“音频面试”,并引发了我的想法的翻译......开始我的瘦播客in mid-2006.




“做了一些研究,一个选项可能是”播客“的想法。我不确定您是否熟悉此术语或不熟悉。它基本上是一个音频程序,可以托管在Apple iTunes音乐商店以及我的博客上下载。“新利备用网址

所以,他是my first guestand he was a frequent guest over the years.


You can find other episodes with Norman here

Although我们的最后播客是在2013年那about “The Harada Method,” I talked to Norm often, the last time being a few months ago.

说到哈拉达,我很高兴看到诺曼mentioned在墙上的圣期刊文章关于哈拉达和日本棒球运动员Shohei Otani,因为我博成了:新利备用网址


Maybe somebody, some young podcaster will interview me about memories of Norman.




After that, he convinced my boss to send me to get two days of master class training with him. I was in his home, in his living room or his office, for two days, soaking in what I could and getting his coaching on my attempts to teach back what he had taught me. I have a lot of video from those two days that he allowed me to shoot, which I haven't revisited in a long time.

Norman later graciously agreed to write the introduction to the book医疗保健Kaizen.那which I co-authored with Joe Swartz. Joe and Norm both had opportunities to work together, as Norm had been invited to come speak at Franciscan St. Francis Health about Kaizen. Norm was very instrumental in their Kaizen process and culture getting up and running, as we talk about in the book.

Norman's Intro to Our Book

Here is the intro, as it stood when we originally submitted it to the publisher, before any editing (with重点朝着我添加的结束)。

In healthcare, enormous investments are made in things like buildings, technology, and药物开发,但花费少量挖掘每个单一医疗保健提供者和专业的创造力。是的,新的机器或新药可能会奇迹,但是这本书的共同作者喜欢马克和乔,正在展示通过在医疗保健社区中征求国家来识别和解决问题,有更多的机会。新利18网址例如,Pensacola的浸礼会医院在佛罗里达州的州最低的最低评价,直到他们开始向他们的员工提供小的改善理念。他们成为国家的第一名,并于2003年收到,令人垂涎的Malcolm Baldrige国家质量奖。

The person doing the job in healthcare, as in any industry, has great knowledge about their work, but they are rarely asked to look around their work area to identify small problems and to implement solutions to those problems. As you go through this book, you will see numerous examples of improvements made by many different people. Each Kaizen might only save a few dollars, but collectively they add up to millions of dollars in savings for an organization, and billions for a state or country. As you will see from this wonderful book, the process is quick to implement and easy to get people involved in. But, even more important than the dollars saved are the improvements in communication and coordination that result when everyone is involved in the Kaizen process, leading to fewer errors, improved patient safety, higher quality, and lives saved.

To get started with Kaizen, you should do the following. First, read this book. Secondly, ask your employees to read the book. Thirdly, ask your employees to begin a Kaizen system. It is just that simple. You just ask and you will get what you ask for. Just do it and learn from the process. Of course, you might make some mistakes and, since the ideas are normally very small, the mistakes will be very small and you will all learn from those mistakes.




President, PCS Press.

Author of如何做凯恩

Videos of Norman

In later years, when we did the podcasts, we also recorded video through Zoom. Norm was a VERY enthusiastic adopter of Zoom. He was a huge evangelist for them and he was so excited that he could do training for people through Zoom. As much as he loved traveling and his trips to Japan, he seemed appreciative of new technologies, which I appreciated.

这些视频实际新利luck备用网址上是通过Skype Video ... 11年前左右的录制。

And here is a video I haven't seen yet… a 100-minute interview done by a Lean Portland group, near his then home in Vancouver, WA:






Here are some posts where people are talking about Norman:


Here is ablog post凯文迈耶:

来自我朋友Paul Critchley的推文:

Here is ablog post由GBMP的Bruce Hamilton:

Here is a post by Chet Marchwinski, who worked with Norman at Productivity Press:

记住Norman Bodek,作者,老师和突破性商业书籍出版商的“神奇生活”


Norman Bodek(1932-2020)|生产力大师诺比尔

Rest in peace, Norm. You were a valued teacher and mentor and a truly unique person…

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Mark Graban是一个国际公认的顾问author那and专业扬声器谁曾在医疗保健,制造和初创公司工作过。他的最新书是成功措施:反应更少,更好,更好地改善。He is author of the Shingo Award-winning books精益医院and医疗保健Kaizen., 也Healthcare Kaizen的执行指南。他还发表了选集练习精益这有益于Louise H. Batz Patient Safety Foundation,标记是董事会成新利18网址员。新利18网址标记也是一个高级顾问到科技公司KaiNexus

  1. 安德鲁瓦格纳says

    I never had the opportunity to meet Norm, but I feel like I have through all the various encounters with your blog and podcast. I did email him at one time to ask a question about something, and he kindly responded right away with a thoughtful answer.

    Such an amazing person with an amazing story. I still remember being totally skeptical about “having to” download and list to that podcast, but Norm was compelling enough an interview to make it worthwhile. I had recently gotten one of those new fangled Garmin GPS devices that, I discovered had an extra feature: it could play audio files. I would plug it into my laptop once a week and download the podcast to it for my commute to work!

  2. Mark Grabansays

    The email sent out by AME’s president:


    Over the course of the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Norman Bodek, the Godfather of Lean in America, on several occasions. Our conversations often revolved around Norm’s various projects and his latest book, “A Leader’s Guide for Social Responsibility.” These discussions often meandered into the role he played to bring lean ideology to North America and his desire to pay it forward for the next generation of lean practitioners — an effort on which we hoped to partner together.

    我是上海ocked and saddened to learn of Norm’s passing this week. Our community has lost one of its leading voices: an advocate for lean thinking and principles who made a tremendous impact on the business world dating back to 1979 when he founded Productivity Press and Productivity, Inc.

    During his career, Norm and his company translated and published more than 100 Japanese management books into English. He led countless study missions to Japan and was one of the first to run conferences and seminars on continuous improvement topics including TPS, 5S, TPM, lean accounting, hoshin kanri and Kanban.

    Along the way, he co-founded the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence with Dr. Vern Buehler and was recognized with a Shingo Publication Award for his book “Kaikaku, The Power and Magic of Lean.” Dubbed “Mr. Productivity” by Industry Week magazine, Norm was inducted into that publication’s Hall of Fame. And just last year, he joined other lean, continuous improvement luminaries in the AME Hall of Fame.

    When I think about our recent conversations, it’s clear that Norm was considering his legacy. He was an accomplished author and publisher and a leader in industry, but he wanted to make sure that future generations reaped the benefit of his knowledge. That legacy, I assure you, will remain relevant and strong! His role as the Godfather of Lean has made an impression on our community that will continue well into the future.





    kim humphrey

  3. salvador sanchezsays

    RIP Norman Bodek….

    どうもありがとうございました Norman-san

    Best Regards,
    Sal Sanchez.

  4. 朱尼尼宁汉says

    我刚刚过得分的传递。他绝对是一个对这么多人产生积极影响的人。一个巨人真的。我在早期的精益会计峰会上第一次达到常态。他很棒,很令人振奋。始终突破。他会叫我并鼓励我。并分享他的思考。总是在思考前进。逐一的人民改善。 A real leader.

  5. Patrice Boutiersays

    I was fortunate to meet Norm, twice, at conventions. A very nice man with a mission to bring ideas of human respect and solutions to the world.

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