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My guest for Episode #410 of the Lean Blog Interviews podcast is基思冠军, Senior Manager ofOperational Excellence at Lucid Motors, a new entrant in the electric vehicle marketplace, with theirLucid Airluxury sedan hitting the market very soon.

基思为丰田工作了17多年(归功于丰田大碟和previous podcast guest Tim Turner用于制作连接)。作为Keith在集中谈判,他始于丰田乔治城的团队成员,为团队领导,团体领导者和其他角色发展职业生涯。然后他为特斯拉汽车工作了九年。Keith然后在2019年加入Lucid - BTW,CEOof Lucid,Peter Rawlinson, was previously Vice President of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla and Chief Engineer of the Model S.

AZ Casa Grande的Lucid Motors厂(Courtesy Lucid Motors)

Topics and questions in today's episode (and related links):

  • What's your Lean / TPS origin story? It sort of starts before Toyota
  • What happens when you “pull the andon cord” at Toyota?
  • How is Lucid trying to build the culture right the first time?
  • What is the leadership team like at Lucid?
  • 有没有管理“哲学”,因为丰田可能会谈?
  • What are the core values of Lucid Motors?
  • What's the biggest operations (and supply chain) challenge related to starting a new factory in Arizona?
  • 您如何构建可扩展性?
  • How important is it to have “built in quality” for a luxury vehicle (or any car)?
  • 什么是持续改进计划的权力?不仅仅是建议,而是实施......
  • 整个工厂使用的五个主要目标和指标是什么?
  • Lucid article (and video) about General Assembly
  • A look at the paint shop

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Courtesy Lucid Motors

Videos about Lucid Manufacturing and the Lucid Air:


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  1. 本贝内特

    Why was it such a challenge to implement the supply starting a new factory in Arizona?

    1. Mark Graban

      Because there were probably no auto parts plants (suppliers) in Arizona or anywhere nearby.

      If they are emulating the Toyota Production System, then the “just in time” supply chain strategy requires local suppliers who can make frequent deliveries. More importantly, being local means easier collaboration on improvement in quality and cost.

      Here’s one article about the Toyota Texas plant in 2009:


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