The “Founding Mothers” of the “Women in Lean”


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My guests for Episode #411 are the co-founders or “founding mothers” of the group called “Women In Lean: Our Table.” They areCrystal Davis,Karyn Ross, andDorsey Sherman. Crystal was my guest back inepisode 363一个nd Karyn was my guest inepisode 266. Dorsey, welcome as a first-time guest!

Crystal Davis, Karyn Ross, and Dorsey Sherman

All three of them were part ofthis panel discussion webinarthat I moderated last year. Crystal's company isThe Lean Coach, Inc., Karyn's isKaryn Ross Consulting, and Dorsey's isModele Consulting.

Topics and questions in today's episode (and related links):

  • How did the Women in Lean group get started, and why?
  • Why do they (and many women) feel like they don't have “a seat at the table”?
  • Why can “creating your own table” be helpful?
  • How can women get involved?
  • What can we do about the lack of equal representation on stage at Lean conferences?
  • How can men be better allies for women in the Lean community?

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